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Schools in Queenstown

Queenstown is the first satellite town in Singapore built by the Singapore Improvement Trust in the 1950s, later completed by the Housing and Development Board in the 1960s. The apartments ranged from 1 to 3 room flats, housed in low-rise, walk-up blocks. Previously known as Boh Beh Kang, the British made plans to develop the land in Queenstown to ease the overcrowded situation in Chinatown. However, the failure of the SIT led to the completion of the estate by the HDB, where close to 20,000 units were built.

Queenstown comprised of 7 main districts, namely Commonwealth Estate, Tanglin Halt Estate, Princess Estate (Strathmore/Dawson), Duchess Estate (Duchess/Queenstown Centre), Mei Ling/Mei Chin Estate, Queens' Close/Crescent Estate and Buona Vista Estate. To cater to the burgeoning population in Queenstown, more than 20 schools were established within the 7 districts, including:

Schools in Queenstown (Click to enlarge)

SN School  Motto
1 New Town Primary School 光道小学 Be Ready To Serve
2 Permaisura Primary School Sekolah Rendah Permaisura Bejaya / Success
3 Tanglin Integrated Primary School 东林混合小学 Think, Improve, Progress, Succeed
4 Mei Chin Primary School 美景小学  Honour, Courage, Perseverence
5 Queenstown School 女皇镇学校 Onward To Success
6 Birkhall School 普华小学 Give Of Your Best
7 Margaret Drive School Ever Onward
8 Hua Yi Primary School 华义小学 Hanya Yang Ikhtiar Subor
9 Strathmore School Strive For Success
10 Kay Siang School 启祥小学 Forward & Onward
11 Tanglin Girls' School Truth, Glory, Service
12 Tanglin Boys' School Play, Study & Obey
13 Ghim Moh Primary School 锦茂小学 
14 Keok Ming Public School (Keming Pri) 公立克明学校 礼义廉耻 / Courtesy,  Righteousness, Integrity, Sense of Shame 
15 Buona Vista Secondary School 建国中学  Ever Onward
16 New Town Secondary School 光伟中学 To Forge A Better Life
17 Tanglin Technical Secondary School (Tanglin Sec) 东林工艺中学 Berusaha Untok Bejaya / Strive For Success
18 Queensway Secondary School 女皇道中学  Success Through Diligence
19 Mei Chin Secondary School 美景中学  Progress Through Achivement
20 Commonwealth Secondary School 立才中学 Ever With The Best
21 Hua Yi Government Chinese Middle School (Hua Yi Sec) 华义政府华文中学 仁义智群 / Benevolence, Justice, Wisdom, Togetherness
22 Queenstown Technical Secondary School (Queenstown Sec) 女皇镇工艺中学 Berani Berkhidmat / Dare To Serve
23 Ghim Moh Secondary School 锦茂中学  Strive and Persevere
24 Baharuddin Vocational Institute (Temasek Poly Design School)
25 Townsville Institute 城景高级中学 With Fidelity And Discipline
Photo Credit: http://myqueenstown.blogspot.sg/

Photo Credit: http://myqueenstown.blogspot.sg/

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